Translation is the art of taking a text drafted in a language and converting it into a written text of another language. While transcription requires listening to a recorded audio file in in one language, to write down what is said in the same language.

[This may seem complicated and overwhelming], but Congress Rental is here to assist in this entire process. With Congress Rental’s state of the art conference recording equipment, you can request a recording of your meeting/conference. From here our team of transcribers and translators will do the rest. Your text or audio will be seamlessly transcribed and if required translated for you with the greatest ease.

Conferences often involve Translation services pre and post conference. This is the reason why Congress Rental, a leader in Conference Interpreting equipment and Interpreting services, decided recently to broaden its offerings to include “Professional Transcription & Translation” services.

At Congress Rental, we don’t only have excellent Conference Interpreters; we now have numerous qualified Transcribers, Sworn Translators, and Translators, proficient in various languages, highly skilled, with expert knowledge in specific fields.

Here is a list of text types we offer to translate:

Business documents



Minutes of meetings

Workshop material

Technical documents

Legal documents

Medical documents

Private documents

Sworn translations


Whether your translation requirements are conference related or not, contact us today for perfectly seamless translations that will meet all your requirements.