Simultaneous Interpretation is essential for all international conference venues to ensure the successful distribution of messages across multiple languages. We specialise in simultaneous interpretation and have systems that allow for the interpretation of up to 32 languages concurrently.

Integrus Wireless Language Distribution System

The Integrus fully digital infrared language distribution system has been specifically designed for multilingual conferences and meetings to enable delegates to understand what is being said. Simultaneous interpretation of presentations and speeches in the delegate’s own language is transmitted to a pocket receiver and headphones. Because it is an infrared system, conference or meeting participants can move freely around the location whilst still being able to follow proceedings.

Catering for 32 channels, the Bosch Integrus system is definitely the language distribution system of choice!

Equipment Required for Simultaneous Interpretation

Image 1: Interpreters Desk

Interpreters translate the floor language into their allocated language e.g. French into the microphone

Image 2: Transmitter

Transmitters provide you with seamless integration with almost any conference system.

Image 3: Radiator

Fan-less cooling offers silent operation and is expandable for maximum coverage.

Image 4: Digital Receivers

32 different channels can be received on these digital receivers. Easy channel selection and coverage checking makes life easy for both users and installers.

Image 5: Headphones

Delegates listen to the interpretation of their choice using headphones or lightweight ear hangers.

Image 6: Final Output

Delegates select the channel on which their language is being spoken. They will then hear the entire conference in the selected language through the receiver.

Interpreter Booths

We offer the most professional-looking and soundproof interpreter booths on the market. They meet the latest ISO-4043 standards and are suitable for all types of conference systems.

Dimensions: 1,8m x 1,8m x 2m (High)

Interpreter Recruitment

An interpreter orally converts a source language to a target language; likewise in sign language. The interpreter’s function is to convey every semantic element (tone and register), intention and emotion of the original message to the target-language listeners.

After being in the industry for over 20 years, we have managed to maintain long-standing relationships with all the best interpreters within South Africa and Africa.

AIIC & SATI accredited interpreters are available.