Many important aspects are discussed at every meeting. How can you manage to remember everything and make a valuable contribution to the meeting without having to worry about taking notes? This is where recording and transcribing comes in.

We have the capacity to record every aspect of your meeting, in any of the spoken languages and then have it transcribed, bound and presented to you within a short period of time. Choose between normal CD recordings, USB or the latest Bosch innovative model, which allows you to record and playback to-the-minute proceedings through the use of MP3 technology.

From recording discussions all the way through to hearings and informal meetings, we can do it all!


Transcribing is the process of putting thoughts, speech or data into written or printed form. Because transcribing works hand-in-hand with recording, we only transcribe our own recordings.

Transcribing is charged per page and takes around 15 working days.